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Discover an EBS snapshot

Discover an EBS snapshot

You can run Discovery on both your EBS volumes and EBS snapshots. Discovery can be full or targeted. Snapshot ID or Volume ID should be provided to do targeted discovery.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin, aws_admin

About this task

Amazon EBS provides the ability to create snapshots (backups) of any Amazon EC2 volume and write a copy of the data in the volume to Amazon S3, where it is stored redundantly in multiple Availability Zones. The volume does not need be attached to a running instance to take a snapshot. As you continue to write data to a volume, you can periodically create a snapshot of the volume to use as a baseline for new volumes. These snapshots can be used to create multiple new Amazon EBS volumes, expand the size of a volume, or move volumes across Availability Zones. Snapshots of encrypted Amazon EBS volumes are automatically encrypted.

A new volume created from a snapshot is an exact copy of the original volume at the time the snapshot was taken. Amazon EBS volumes that are restored from encrypted snapshots are automatically encrypted. By optionally specifying a different volume size or a different Availability Zone, you can use this functionality to increase the size of an existing volume or to create duplicate volumes in new Availability Zones. You can share snapshots with specific AWS accounts or make snapshots public. When you create snapshots, you incur charges in Amazon S3 based on the volume's total size. For a successive snapshot of the volume, you are charged only for additional data beyond the volume's original size.


  1. Navigate to Amazon AWS Cloud > Administration > Accounts.
  2. Click an account.
  3. Click Update Snapshots.
    A message indicates that snapshots are being updated.