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Create a tag rule

Create a tag rule

During provisioning, a tag rule can auto-tag a resource by testing for a match with a value that you specify (for example, the value of the Requested item field for the resource). When a match occurs, the system applies the specified tag to the provisioned resource.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin


  1. Navigate to your provider; Amazon AWS Cloud or Microsoft Azure Cloud or VMware Cloud and then click Administration > Tag Rules.
  2. Enter a Name for the tag rule.
  3. Select Active to turn the rule on.
  4. Select a tag to use.
  5. Select the Value type to run the rule against.
    Value TypeDescription
    Constant Value The tag value is the sys_id of a record in the selected table. If no table is selected, the field value is used.
    Variable The tag value is a variable from the service catalog. Once used, this variable cannot be used for another tag rule.
    Reference Value The tag value is a reference to the requested item field of the provisioned resource.
    Script The tag value is the variable answer (var answer) from the c_SystemMaintainedUpdateSets script.
  6. Click Submit.