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Create a catalog item from an approved image

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Create a catalog item from an approved image

Amazon images that are approved for provisioning from the service catalog are contained in the EC2 Approved Image [ec2_approved_images] table.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin, aws_admin

About this task

To view catalog items, navigate to Amazon AWS Cloud > Maintain Catalog Items > Available Images.

To create a service catalog item from an approved image:


  1. Navigate to Amazon AWS Cloud > Instances > Approved Images.
  2. Select the image to use as the basis for a catalog item.
  3. Under Related Links, click Create Catalog Item.

    The VM Catalog Item form opens with the following fields pre-populated.

    Table 1. VM catalog item form
    Field Description
    Name EC2 Instance - <size> - approved image name.
    Short description By default, this value is the same as the name.
    Description Description of the specified size.
    Price The price of the size selected. In the base system, this value is calculated from the hourly cost of each size in the most expensive, allowed region, multiplied by a default lease duration of 60 days. If you change the default lease duration time, you must recalculate the price manually. These price estimates might be higher than corresponding prices offered for EC2 virtual machines in your service catalog.
    VM template The approved image from which this catalog item was created.
    VM size The smallest ordered size for the image from which this catalog item was created.
  4. Complete the form as described in Defining Catalog Items.
  5. Select the virtual machine size in the VM size field.

    By default, the price is determined by the selection in the VM size field. If the size changes, or the price of the size changes, the system recalculates the price automatically.

  6. To override the price calculation manually, clear the Calculate check box and enter a new price for this item.
  7. Clear the Skip approval check box to require an approval for this item from a user in the EC2 Approvers group.

    By default the system skips the approval process. Skipping this approval does not affect other approvals that may apply to requests through the service catalog.

  8. Select the appropriate Task automation mode:
    Table 2. Task automation mode
    Mode Description
    Fully automatic [Default] This selection enables automatic provisioning. No catalog task is assigned to cloud_operators.
    Manual A catalog task for specifying provisioning information is assigned to cloud_operators with no automatic selections. The cloud_operator user can review the settings before closing the task.
    Create a catalog item
  9. Click Update.