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Configure basic service catalog offerings: Amazon EC2

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Configure basic service catalog offerings: Amazon EC2

Link offerings associated with Amazon EC2 images to the default Amazon EC2 Instance item in the service catalog.

About this task

Users requesting virtual machines from this source can specify the offering, the number of virtual machines to create, and the size (provided by Amazon). Perform the following steps in the order listed.


  1. Link the approved EC2 images to the service catalog offerings (operating systems).
  2. Open the service catalog and click the Amazon VM link under Virtual Resources to request a virtual machine.
  3. Select the following:
    • Offering: The operating system you want.
    • Number of instances: The number of instances to provision.
    • Size: The predefined EC2 size.


When you order the virtual machine from the basic configuration, the system creates manual approvals and provisioning tasks.