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Configure advanced service catalog offerings: Amazon

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Configure advanced service catalog offerings: Amazon

The cloud administrator builds on the basic catalog offerings configuration and the custom catalog offerings configuration to provide advanced customization to the service catalog and to the offerings.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin, aws_admin

About this task

The cloud administrator creates the catalog items and configures them for approval and task automation. Ensure that the basic and custom catalog offerings configurations are complete before attempting to add customizations.


  1. Create catalog items from approved EC2 images.
    These are the images that are available to users in the service catalog.
  2. Edit the lease duration and grace period.
    The default length of a lease in the base system is 60 days. The maximum lease duration permitted is 90 days.
  3. Edit the checkout redirect property.
    This property redirects users either to the Order Status form or the My Virtual Assets portal after they check out.
  4. Configure the system to create change requests for specific modifications requested for EC2 virtual machines.
    Examples of modifications that generate change requests are lease extensions, requests for additional memory, and requests to terminate a virtual machine.