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Approvals and provisioning, Amazon EC2

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Approvals and provisioning, Amazon EC2

Use these procedures to make Amazon EC2 images available for provisioning from the service catalog. Images are not available until all Amazon and account configuration is complete.

Two separate approvals are required before a VM is available for provisioning:
  • Approval by the cloud administrator for the image to be available to users in the service catalog.
  • Approval by an EC2 approver of a user request for an instance.

If the user request is approved, members of the provisioning group create the instance. When the virtual machine is provisioned, the system creates a new asset in Asset Management. The new asset appears in the requester's My Assets portal.

Task 1: Approve the available images

After you establish and configure the Amazon EC2 account, you retrieve the list of available images and approve them for the service catalog offering. In this task, the administrator decides which images are available for selection in the specific regions defined by Amazon. Only approved images are available to fill requests from the service catalog.

Task 2: Set up the Service Catalog Offering

The administrator must link the approved images to the operating systems offered to users in the service catalog.

Task 3: Approve and provision the request

Task 4: Configure the lease period and duration