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Configure the categories in the service catalog

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Configure the categories in the service catalog

Before you create a catalog item from an EC2 image, configure the categories in the service catalog, determine the appropriate setting for the check-out redirect property, and define the virtual machine sizes.


See Service Catalog Categories for instructions on creating categories and sub-categories for catalog items. The category hierarchy determines the category path for locating EC2 virtual machines in the service catalog.

Checkout redirect property

A property called One-step checkout redirect (glide.vm.checkout_redirect) controls the view presented to virtual machine requesters in the service catalog. By default, the property is set to false, which redirects the view to the Order Status form when the requester clicks Order Now. When this property is set to true, the system redirects the requester to the My Virtual Assets portal. This property is located in Cloud Management > Administration > Properties.

Size definitions

The system includes a full range of current Amazon EC2 sizes. The prices shown for these sizes are arbitrary and do not reflect any realistic price structure. These prices are calculated from the price per unit defined in the EC2 Element Price record.

Some examples of the EC2 sizes are:
  • M3 Double Extra Large
  • M2 High-Memory Extra Large
  • M2 High-Memory Double Extra Large
  • M2 High-Memory Quadruple Extra Large
  • C1 High-CPU Medium
  • C1 High-CPU Extra Large