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Verification type components

Verification type components

You can configure the Password Reset app to automatically enroll users in password reset, or you can define an enrollment check.

To define an enrollment check, you must define both an enrollment processor script, which specifies how enrollment is processed, and a corresponding enrollment UI macro, which specifies how the enrollment information is displayed to the user. For example, the following verification type uses PwdEnrollSMSProcessor as the enrollment processor script and pwd_enroll_sms_ui as the enrollment UI macro.

Figure 1. Verification type cxample
Verification type

A verification type must also define a verification processor script and a corresponding verification UI macro. The example uses PwdVerifySMSProcessor as the verification processor script and pwd_verify_sms_ui as the verification UI macro. The following shows the verification processor script:

Figure 2. Verification type SMS processor
Verification type SMS processor

The following is the corresponding UI macro:

Figure 3. Verification type SMS UI macro
Verification type SMS UI macro