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Create an input variable

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Create an input variable

The Inputs tab in the designer contains a variable builder and mapping fields appropriate for the execution template selected.

Before you begin

Role required: activity_creator


  1. Click the + icon to create a new input variable.

    The designer creates a default variable called Input1.

    Creating an input variable
  2. Type your new variable name in the field.
  3. To change the name of a variable or any of its attributes, double-click the value and then select or enter a new value in the field that appears.

    The icon to the left of the name reflects the data type of the variable.

  4. To reorder the variable list, select a row and then drag the row to its new location.

    When you select a row to move it, the pointer icon changes to an up/down arrow icon (Up/down arrow icon).

  5. To reuse a variable from another activity, drag it from the Custom tab in the palette and drop it onto the Input heading at the top of the variable list.
    Reusing input variables
  6. To copy all the variables from an existing activity, drag the {} Inputs heading into the variables list.
    The designer creates the necessary input rows, using the attributes of the copied variables.
  7. To delete a variable, click the delete icon (Delete icon) in the row.