Probe template inputs

You use the Inputs tab of the activity designer to create variables to pass into the activity.

You can test the probe connection between the MID Server and the target host without having to run the activity in a workflow context. For details, see Test Probe activity designer template inputs.
Note: Variable strings in the Inputs tab have a 255 character limit.
Figure 1. Probe custom activity Inputs tab
Table 1. Probe activity inputs
Field Description
Input Input variable builder. Create variables to map to available fields.
Probe Probe to run with this activity, from the list of probes in the system.
Target host Host name or IP address of the target server for this activity.
Required MID Server capabilities MID Server to use, by capabilities.
Parameters Name-value pairs to pass to the host with this probe. You can create these parameters manually, or drag and drop input variables into the parameter fields and assign a value.