JMS template execution parameters

You use execution parameters to create the input process script in the Preprocessing tab.

For detailed descriptions of the JMS input fields, see the table in JMS template inputs.
Note: You must use the executionParam. prefix with all variables in this table.
Table 1. JDBC execution parameters
Name Variable Type Usage
Jms ds jms_ds Reference Selected JMS data source.
Destination type destination_type Enumerated
Destination name destination_name String
Message type message_type Enumerated
Operation operation Enumerated
Time out time_out Integer Length of time to wait for the query to return results.
Custom headers custom_headers Array of JavaScript objects
Message payload message_payload String
Credential tag credential_tag String List of required MID Server capabilities.
MidCapabilities midCapabilities String (comma separated)
ValueCapabilities valueCapabilities Array of hashmap Capability values used to select the MID Server. For more information, see Scripted capability value matching for MID Servers. If there are additional capabilities that are assigned by value, use this example to customize the MID Server selection: