JDBC template execution parameters

You use execution parameters to create the input process script in the Preprocessing tab.

For detailed descriptions of the JDBC input fields, see the table in JDBC template inputs.
Note: You must use the executionParam. prefix with all variables in this table.
Table 1. JDBC execution parameters
Name Variable Type Usage
Data source data_source Reference Selected JDBC data source.
Sql statement sql_statement String SQL statement executed by the activity.
Auto map to auto_map String Selects the type of variable to auto-map.
Maximum rows maximum_rows Integer Maximum number of rows to return from the SQL statement or stored procedure.
Connection timeout connection_timeout Integer Length of time to wait for connection to occur.
Query timeout query_timeout Integer Length of time to wait for the query to return results.
Stored procedure stored_procedure Boolean Selects whether to use a stored procedure rather than an SQL statement.
Stored procedure name stored_procedure_name String Names the stored procedure to use.
Stored procedure variables stored_procedure_variables Array of JavaScript objects Lists the variables from the selected stored procedure.