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Tag an Activity

Tag an Activity

The goal in this example is to use the Run Command activity to restart a MySQL database server. To do this, the activity must use a specific credential tagged for that purpose.

  1. Navigate to Orchestration > > Workflow Activity Definitions
  2. Select the Run Command activity.
  3. In the Workflow Activity Definition form for Run Command, go to the Activity Variables related list and click New.
  4. Complete the following fields in the Activity Variables form:
    • Column name: Enter credential_tag. This variable configures Run Command to use the credential tagging functionality and creates a new field called credential_tag on the Run Command activity properties form.
    • Label: Enter a label for the new credential field on the activity form, such as Credential tag.
    • Max length: Limit the length of the tag name. This example uses 40 characters.
    Credentials Tag 1
  5. Click Submit.
    The new variable appears in the related list of variables for the Run Command activity.
    RBA Credential Tag Config
  6. Navigate to Orchestration > Credentials.
  7. Click the gear icon to personalize the Credentials list and add the Tag column.
  8. Using the list editor, create a new tag for the SSH credential that Run Command needs to access the server.

    Tags have arbitrary names with no formatting restrictions (such as case or spaces). This example uses database_user. To assign multiple tags to a credential, separate the values with a comma.

  9. Assign order numbers to each credential.
    These numbers determine the order in which credentials are applied when multiple credentials have a matching tag or when no credential tag is defined for a Orchestration activity.
    Credentials Tag 2
  10. Navigate to Orchestration > Workflow Editor.
  11. Click New.
  12. Create a new Orchestration workflow and place the Run Command activity in the flow.

    The activity properties form appears.

  13. Complete the form, and then enter database_user in the new Credential tag field (credential_tag) you created in step 4.
    This ensures that the Run Command activity has the SSH credentials it needs to restart the MySQL server.
    Credentials Tag 3
  14. Click Submit.