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View bubble charts

View bubble charts

To view a vendor bubble chart:

  1. Navigate to Vendor Performance > Vendors > Vendor Bubble Charts.
  2. Click a Name.
  3. Under Related Links, click View Bubble Chart.
    The bubble chart page has these components:
    • Bubble chart
      • X- and Y-axes: Each axis represents a category.
      • Bubbles: Each labeled bubble represents an average of category scores for a vendor. Point to a bubble to view a vendor score summary. Click a bubble or bubble label to view the scorecard for the vendor.
      • Vendor list: Lists all active vendors. Note that the bubble chart only plots vendors for which there are assessment results.
    Vendor bubble chart page

    Bubble Score Summaries

    Point to a bubble to display a score summary for the vendor the bubble represents. The summary displays the vendor's average score for each category in the following order: X-axis category, Y-axis category, Z-axis category. The scores are based on data from the last 12 months.
    Buble chart score summary