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Vendor summary

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Vendor summary

The summary section contains a summary of the vendor's financial information and details of that vendor's engagement with your organization.

Use the links in the summary panel to access specific records.

Figure 1. Vendor product summary

The vendor summary includes the following information:

Table 1. Vendor summary
Field Description
Type Vendor types configured for this vendor. A vendor can have multiple types, such as Hardware, Services, and Software. Click a vendor type to display the decision matrix for that type. Click the vendor name in the decision matrix to return to the scorecard.
Rank/Tier Overall ranking for this vendor's products and services, such as Valued Partner or Blacklisted Supplier. This ranking helps the catalog_admin user decide whether to promote or discontinue this vendor's products.
Assets Count of asset from this vendor. Assets in a state of Retired or Missing are not counted.
Incident Breaches Count of incident SLA breaches attributed to this vendor's products or services.
Incidents Count of open incidents associated to this vendor. The calculation of this value depends on whether vendor ticketing is active.
  • Active: Number of incidents in which the Vendor in the Incident form is this vendor.
  • Not active: Number of incidents in which the Vendor on the configuration item record is this vendor.
Commitment End Date The end date of the current purchase agreement with this vendor, which is the day the commitment must be fulfilled. If there are multiple active purchase agreements, this field shows the commitment with the earliest end date. This information is visible only if there is an active purchase agreement.
Awaiting Vendor Count of open incidents in the Awaiting Vendor state that are associated with this vendor's products and services. This information is available only when the vendor ticketing is active.
Vendor Managers One or more users in your organization who manage the business relationship with this vendor. These names come from the Vendor manager field of the company record (Vendor view).
Contacts Displays the first Primary contact for this vendor if more than one primary contact exists. If no primary contact exists, this field displays the last contact of any type that was created. Click the contact to see a list of all contacts for this vendor. Click the email icon to send a message to the contact.
Asset Value Value of all active assets for this vendor that are not retired or missing.
Amount of money spent on products and services for this vendor. The calculation of this value depends on whether procurement is active.
  • Active: Calculated from the purchase orders submitted for the current contract with this vendor.
  • Not active: Estimated amount spent based on the cost and installation date from the asset record.

ServiceNow calculates Spend for the last year (TTM), unless Commitment shows that there is a purchase agreement contract, in which case the system uses the date range of the purchase agreement.

Commitment Total monetary commitment to this vendor for all active purchase agreement contracts. The system uses all contracts whose date range includes the current date to calculate the commitment.
Remaining Commitment The value of the contract remaining after subtracting the Spend value from the Commitment value. This value appears only when procurement is active and there is an active purchase agreement. If the Spend value for this vendor is greater than the Commitment value, the value in this field is 0.
Availability Breaches Monthly count of service availability SLA breaches for service offerings from this vendor. This information appears only when vendor ticketing is active.
Stock The vendor's stock symbol and the current share price.
Revenue The vendor's published yearly revenue.
Market Cap The vendor's current market cap.
Employees The number of employees working for this vendor.
Actual Discount Actual discount realized, calculated from the difference between the total cost of the purchase order line items and the total list price. This link appears only when procurement is active.
Agreed Discount The discount from the purchase agreement with this vendor. When there are multiple active purchase agreements, this value is a weighted average of all promised discounts from the purchase agreements with this vendor. This link appears only when procurement is active and a current purchase agreement is active.
Credits Number of unused vendor credits caused by breached business service contracts. This information appears only when vendor ticketing is active.