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Scrum products

Scrum products

A scrum product is an arbitrary classification that represents an item under development.

A product organizes themes, epics, and stories of similar functionality into a single context. Stories represent the work required to build the product. The list of stories in a product is referred to as the product backlog. A product owner is responsible for keeping the product backlog organized and for selecting the stories for a particular release.

Create a product in Scrum

About this task

Only users with the scrum_product_owner role or the scrum_release_planner role can create products.


  1. Navigate to SDLC (Scrum Process) > Planning > Products.
  2. Click New.
    A blank Application Model form appears.
  3. Complete the form, using a unique and descriptive name.
    Application Model form view

    The Product owner field displays the logged in user's name. If necessary, select another product owner from the list.

  4. Click Submit.
    Related lists for releases, themes, epics, and stories appear.
  5. You can create records now by clicking New in a related list or continue to the next page in the flow.

    The stories you add create the product backlog. You cannot add a theme, epic, or story to more than one product or release at a time.

    Scrum products related list


After creating a product, create user stories to associate with the product.