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Generate resource reports (monthly)

Generate resource reports (monthly)

Resource availability reports are organized by group and show individuals available to work on tasks.

Before you begin

Role required: admin, resource manager

About this task

These items are presented in the report:
  • Resource Committed Utilization (%) by Month: percentage of user time utilized by month.
  • Resource Hard Allocation (Hrs) by Month: user hours assigned to a specific plan, schedule, or allocation by month.
  • Resource Capacity (Hrs) by Month: total hours users are available, by month.
  • Resource Actual (Hrs) by Month: actual hours users logged on their time cards.


  1. Navigate to Resource Management > Reports > Resource Reports (Monthly).

    On the Resource Management Reports. The reports are organized by group. In the following example, the PPM Management and PPM Application Development groups are listed in Resource Utilization (%) by Month.

    A monthly resource report
  2. Do any of the following:
    • To show all members of a group, click the arrow beside a Resource name.
    • To obtain more information about resource capacity, look in Resource Capacity (Hrs) by Month. Click user hours to see the Resource Report Daily.
    • In Resource Hard Allocation (Hrs) by Month, sort the Resource column to show grouping by team. Each team has different types of allocation, such as Allocation, Allocation Calendar, and Allocation Operations.