Set up project notifications with the workflow tool

Setting this up is simple with the workflow tool. This section provides an example of a workflow that sends an email notification when the state of a project task becomes Work in Progress.

  1. Create a workflow with the following attributes:
    • Name: Notify assignee
    • Table: Project task [pm_project_task]
    • If condition matches: Run if no other workflows matched yet
    • Condition: State is Work in Progress and Assigned to is not empty
      Note: Do not modify other attributes in this example.
  2. Add a single Notification activity between the Start and End activities. Drag the activity onto the connector line until it changes color. Its attributes are similar to the following:
    • Name: Notify assignee
    • To: ${assigned_to}
    • Subject: Project task ${number} has been activated and is assigned to you
    • Message:Project task ${number} has been activated and is assigned to you

      Number: ${number}

      Short description: ${short_description}

      Planned start date: ${start_date}

      Planned end date: ${end_date}

      Planned duration: ${duration}

    A notification workflow