Project calculation

When creating a new project, the project manager can select the type of calculation to use: manual or automatic.

The project workbench displays help text that explains whether the current project is calculated automatically or manually. This help text is initially displayed when the project workbench page loads and is subsequently displayed when the user points to the project name in the upper left corner.

For manual calculation:
  • Dates on phases do not automatically reflect any changes from dependencies.
  • New projects created from the project workbench are set to manual calculation by default. Projects created as manual can be changed to automatic.
  • The project timeline reflects the earliest planned start date and latest planned end date based on the project tasks.
For automatic calculation:
  • A task automatically reflects any changes from its dependents and child tasks.
  • New projects created from the Project application are set to automatic calculation by default.
  • Any project created in Eureka or prior releases is set to automatic calculation.
Note: A project created as automatic with one or more tasks cannot be converted to manual.
Note: Percentage completion and states for phases are updated automatically for both manual and auto calculation.