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Portfolio management

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Portfolio management

A portfolio is a collection of related projects.

Create a portfolio to measure the progress of several projects at the same time and to create multi-project reports for analysis. A read-only portfolio Gantt chart is available to view all projects in a portfolio.

Projects and demands in a portfolio

Any project or demand can be added to a portfolio. The Portfolio form contains these related lists:

Table 1. The Portfolio form
Related list Description
Demands Demands that you create in the demand application with records in the Demand [dmn_demand] table. All demands in this related list are part of the portfolio.
Projects Projects that you create in the project application with records in the Project [pm_project] table. All projects in this related list are part of the portfolio.

Portfolio status

The portfolio status shows the projects for a specific portfolio. These status records are typically used for reporting purposes to use in the Portfolio Timeline View.

The portfolio status records are often associated with an actual project record and contain some of the same data, such as the planned start and end dates. However, you can create a portfolio project that is not associated with any project, and use the portfolio status list or Portfolio Timeline View to see it. You might want to do this if you are using another tool, such as Microsoft Project, to manage the project but you still want to include the project as part of a portfolio dashboard.

The portfolio timeline view

The portfolio timeline view is a console that you can use to manage portfolios. It is similar to the project planning console, but the Gantt chart is read only.

Figure 1. Portfolio Timeline View example
You can perform these tasks on the Portfolio Timeline View, as you can with the planning console. See Planning console tasks for an explanation of similar tasks.
  • Add, modify, and delete tasks.
  • Move tasks and projects up and down the list of projects.
  • Indent and unindent tasks in the list of projects.
  • Change the zoom level of the Gantt chart.
  • Use baselines.
  • Modify Gantt chart configuration, including deferred save.