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Installed with Demand Management

Installed with Demand Management

Several components are installed with Demand Management.

Activating the Demand Management plugin adds several components.

Demo data is available with Demand Management.

Table Description
Demand [dmn_demand] Stores all demands.
Decision [dmn_decision] Stores all decisions.
Stakeholder Register [dmn_stakeholder_register] Stores all stakeholders.
Requirement [dmn_requirement] Stores all requirements.
Demand Stakeholder [dmn_m2m_demand_stakeholder] Stores all stakeholders who are associated with one or more demands.
Demand Stage Config [dmn_stage_config] Stores the images displayed in the demand stage pop-up window.
Idea [idea] Stores all ideas.
Plugin Name Plugin ID Description
Process Flow Formatter com.snc.process_flow_formatter Summarize multiple pieces of information about a process and display the stages graphically at the top of a form.
Assessment com.snc.assessment_core Evaluate, score, and rank records from tables in the system. Evaluate results using unique graphical views designed to highlight key performance information.
Timeline Visualization com.snc.timeline_visualization Provide a high-level graphical representation of your organization's strategic and operational activities such as incidents, problems, changes, and projects.
User roles
Role Contains Roles Description
  • it_project_user
  • demand_manager
  • it_demand_user
Can access all the modules of the Demand Management application.
  • itil
  • demand_user
Can access the Demand and Stakeholders modules of the Demand Management application.
Note: Do not use the demand_user or demand_manager roles.
UI policies
Name Table Description
Make Demand Field Invisible Idea [idea] The Demand field is invisible when the idea is not in the Accepted state.
Make Enhancement Visible if Enhancement for Demand exists Demand [dmn_demand] The Enhancement field is visible on the form when an enhancement for a demand is created.
Assessment Data for Type Defect Demand [dmn_demand] Some fields in the Assessment Data section of the demand form are hidden when the demand type is Defect.
Assessment Data for Type Project Demand [dmn_demand] Some fields in the Assessment Data section of the demand form are hidden when the demand type is Project.
Make description invisible Demand [dmn_demand] Hides the Description field on the demand form.
Assessment Data for Type Change Demand [dmn_demand] Some fields in the Assessment Data section of the demand form are hidden when the demand type is Change.
Assessment Data for Type Enhancement Demand [dmn_demand] Some fields in the Assessment Data section of the demand form are hidden when the demand type is Enhancement.
Making short_description field mandatory Demand [dmn_demand] Sets the Short description field on the demand form as a mandatory field.
Making Defect Visible if Defect for Demand exists Demand [dmn_demand] Makes the Defect field visible when a defect is created for a demand.
Make Change Visible if Change Request for Demand exists Demand [dmn_demand] Makes the Change field visible when a change is created for a demand.
Make Project Visible on Approve Demand [dmn_demand] Makes the Project field visible when a project is created from a demand.
Assessment Data for Type None Demand [dmn_demand] Hides some of the fields in the Assessment Data section on the demand form when the type is set to None.
Script includes

Demand management adds the following script includes:

Name Description
DemandUtils Core utility functions for the Demand Management application.
IdeaWorkflowIcons Assists in the generation of the workflow icons.
DemandStageChoices Assists in the generation of the demand stage values.
AjaxCreateRelatedEntityFromDemand Ajax utility to create the related entity from a demand based on the type.
DemandWorkbenchUsageAnalytics Integrates the application with usage analytics.
Client scripts
Name Table Description
Disable or Hide Teamwork area Idea [idea] Disables or hides teamwork area.
Business rules
Name Table Description
Create OnDemand Assessment Demand [dmn_demand] Creates assessments for the current user and for stakeholders who are authorized to receive assessments after a demand has moved from the submitted state to the screening state.
Create Strategic Type on Approve Demand [dmn_demand] Creates a new project or enhancement after the demand is approved.
Delete Demand Demand [dmn_demand] Deletes the demand and all related records.
Populate Stakeholders based on Portfolio Demand [dmn_demand] Populates the demand stakeholder list based on the portfolio selection of the user.
Create Operational Type on Approve Demand [dmn_demand] Creates a new defect or change after the demand is approved.
Auto deletion rule for Assessments Demand [dmn_demand] Deletes assessable records related to the demand if there are no metric or category related results.
Auto business rule for Assessments Demand [dmn_demand] Checks if the assessable record exists for the demand and creates an assessable record if none exists.
Update Demand State Assessment Instance [asmt_assessment_instance] Updates the demand state to qualified after all assessments are completed.
Process Demand Change Idea [idea] Updates the demand when a user makes a change to the demand on the Idea form.
Populate Metric Results Demand [dmn_demand] Copies the category results to score_size, score_value, score_risk, score_strategic_allignment,score_cost for the demand when the demand is moved to the qualified state.
Create Demand on Accepting Idea Idea [idea] Creates a demand when the idea is accepted.
dmn_demand_ProcessFlowList Global [global] Used by the demand process flow formatter to render the flow item.
Validate Stakeholder Register [dmn_stakeholder_register] Validates if all of the mandatory data is set when creating or updating a stakeholder. For example, the User and Portfolio fields cannot be empty and a stakeholder with the same user and portfolio combination cannot be created.
Demand Config Change Demand Stage Config [dmn_stage_config] Clears the demand stage config cache.
Update Visited States on State Change Demand [dmn_demand] Updates the visited state list when a demand state is updated.
Validate Number Requirement [dmn_requirement] Number in demand requirement cannot be empty.
Sync Due Date with Requested By Demand [dmn_demand] Requested by and Due date fields are always kept in sync. The Due date is used in the demand roadmap configuration.
Update Idea State on Close Demand [dmn_demand] Sets the Idea state to Closed Complete when a demand is closed.
Validate Assessment Metrics for Demand Demand [dmn_demand] Validates the score values for a demand to be within the maximum and minimum values.
Validate Number Decision [dmn_decision] Number in demand decision cannot be empty.
Demand Active State Management Demand [dmn_demand] Sets demand to active/inactive depending on the state of the demand.
dmn_demand_stageGetChoices Global [global] Creates idea and demand stages.
idea_stageGetChoices Global [global] Creates idea and demand stages.
Update Resource Plan on demand approval Demand [dmn_demand] Updates resource events, allocations, and resource plans based on a demand request approval.