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Ideas module

With the Ideas module, business users can create and submit ideas. The demand manager evaluates the submitted ideas and promotes accepted ideas to demands.

The ideas module also tracks the progress of an idea in one location as it moves through the different stages of the life cycle, from idea to demand to development and actualization. The ideas module is integrated with the Demand application.

Business users create and submit ideas through the Service Catalog and then collaborate on these ideas using Live Feed. Each idea is created with a unique idea number, which is displayed at the top of the Self Service homepage immediately after submission. Clicking this link opens the Idea form.

After an idea is submitted, the demand manager can review the idea, make any necessary modifications, and then choose to accept or defer the idea. If accepted, the idea is promoted to a strategic or organizational demand. After an idea is promoted to a demand, the idea becomes read-only.

The ideas module is a component of Demand Management, which can be activated as an individual application or as part of the Project Portfolio Suite. When the ideas module is activated as part of the Project Portfolio Suite, the demand manager role is added to the project manager role, enabling project managers to also approve ideas.