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Use a task list

Use a task list

Task lists allow tasks to be grouped, categorized, and managed.

About this task

You can:
  • Create your own personal lists to group and view your own tasks, for example all tasks associated with a specific project.
  • View filtered lists to display standard information, such as which tasks are due tomorrow.
  • Create personal filtered lists to display your own reports, using standard condition builders.


  1. Navigate to Personal Tasks > Lists > Personal Lists to view your own task lists.

    By default, two task lists are provided: Personal and Work.

  2. Click New.
    Create a personal task list
  3. Enter the list details:

    Name: Enter the list name.

    Default List: Select the check box to make this the default list which new tasks are automatically assigned to. Only one list can be the default list.

  4. Click Submit.
    The list appears alongside the other lists.
    Personal task list