Create a personal task

  1. Navigate to Personal Tasks > Create Task.
  2. Fill in the fields (see table).
    Create a personal task
  3. Click Submit.
    Table 1. Creating Personal Tasks
    Field Description
    Number An automatically-generated task ID.
    Owner The task owner. Initially, this is the task creator.
    List The list this task belongs to. If unspecified, the task is placed in the default list.
    Assigned to The user who the task is assigned to.
    State The state of the task. Values can be Active or Closed. Active and closed tasks can be viewed from Personal Tasks > My Active, and Personal Tasks > My Closed.
    Members Users who are associated with, or have an interest in, the task. Members can view and edit tasks in the same way that task owners can.
    Priority The task priority. Values can be 1 - High, 2 - medium, or 3 - low.
    Created The date and time the task was created. This is automatically set when the task is submitted.
    Due Date Date and time when the task is due.
    Updated Date and time the task was last updated. This is automatically set when the task is updated.
    Description A short summary of the task.
    Long description A more detailed task description.
    Comments Any comments about the work to be done or the progress. Comments are generally added while working on the task.