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View records in the Dimension table

View records in the Dimension table

You can view records in dimension tables. Normally, you do not need to make changes to the field values.

Before you begin

Role required: datamart_admin


  1. Navigate to IT Data Mart > Dimensions.
  2. Select the dimension definition for the table you want to populate.
  3. Under Related Links, click Show dimension table.
  4. Click a record in the list to open the Dimension form (see table for field descriptions).
    Figure 1. A dimension record form
    An example dimension record
    Table 1. Fields for a dimension record form
    Field Description
    Primary value The value of the primary field in the dimension table definition.
    Current record If the dimension record is the most up to date.
    Original ID A reference to the primary field in the transactional table.
    Original table The transactional table that the dimension table is based on. The tables in this choice list are transactional tables that are already dimensioned.
    Valid until The date that this dimension expires. A dimension expires when a more current version of the record is transferred from the original table. This happens when you populate the dimension table again, or when the scheduled job automatically populates the dimension table.