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View dimension runs

View dimension runs

Each time a dimension table is populated, the application creates a record in the Dimension Last Run [dm_dimension_last_run] table to track how many records were created or updated in the dimension table.

Before you begin

Role required: datamart_admin


  1. To view dimension runs, navigate to IT Data Mart > Last Run.
  2. Click the dimension table name in the Table column. The Dimension Last Run form opens (see table for field descriptions).
    Figure 1. The Dimension Run form
    The Dimension Run form
    Table 1. The Dimension Run form fields
    Field Description
    Added records Number of records added to the dimension table.
    Real table Transactional table from which the records are taken.
    Table Dimension table into which the data is populated.
    Last run Date and time the application populated the dimension table.