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Split buckets

Buckets contain groomed general ledger expenses. These expenses can be associated with a cost center, vendor, department, and location. You can split the expenses in a bucket by any of these attributes.

Before you begin

Role required: financial_analyst or financial_mgmt_admin

About this task

For example, if a bucket includes expenses for two different vendors, you can split the bucket into two smaller buckets, one for each vendor. Each split bucket contains the groomed general ledger expense associated with that vendor.

You can only split buckets that are not yet assigned to accounts.


  1. Open the Allocation Setup stage in the workbench.
  2. Click the bucket tree icon (The bucket tree icon) for the bucket you want to split. The split bucket window appears, showing you the amount of money in the bucket.
  3. From the Split by list, either select an attribute that is associated with the groomed general ledger expense or select Percentage.
    • If you select an attribute, the new buckets appear in the window with default names in the format [original bucket name] > [attribute name].
    • If you select Percentage, enter the percentages for the new buckets and give each bucket a name.

A preview of the split buckets appear in the window along with the expense amounts for each bucket.

  1. Click Split Bucket.
  2. The application creates new buckets and splits the expenses in them accordingly by your settings. Buckets that are split appear with a folder icon.
    Figure 1. A split bucket
    A split bucket
  3. To view a newly split bucket with the other buckets that were split along with it, click the folder icon.
  4. To revert the bucket split, click Unsplit Bucket.
    Figure 2. Splitting the hardware bucket
    Splitting the hardware bucket