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Set up a dimension definition

Set up a dimension definition

Set up dimension definitions to create new segments in the IT chart of accounts.

Before you begin

Role required: datamart_admin


  1. Navigate to IT Data Mart > Dimensions. The list of dimension definitions appears.
  2. Click New to create a new definition.
  3. Fill out the fields on the form (see table).
  4. Right-click the form header and select Save. Additional fields and related links appear after you save the record.
    Figure 1. An example Dimension Table Definition form
    An example user-created dimension definition
    Table 1. Dimension Table Definition form fields
    Field Description
    Name The name for the dimension definition.
    Table The transactional table on which the dimension table is based. Select a table from the system.
    Merge dimensions Check box to copy the records from the Table to the Dimension table.
    • If you select this check box, a new dimension table is not created.
    • If you do not select this check box, a new dimension table is created based on the selected Table value.
    Table The dimension table into which the records from the transactional table are merged. This field is available when Merge dimensions is selected.
    Primary field The field on the base table that serves as the primary field in the dimension table.
    Dimension condition The condition to limit the records that are included the dimension table. The number of records that matches the filter appears in the link above the condition builder. Click the link to view a list of the records.
    User created Check box that is selected if the dimension was created by a user. The check box is cleared for default dimensions.
    Related Links
    Populate dimension table Populates the dimension table with values from the transactional table.
    Show dimension table Displays the records added to the dimension table.
    Related Lists
    Additional Dimension Fields Additional fields for the dimension table. Add as many fields from the base table to the dimension table. SeeAdd a field to a dimension definition for more information.
    Dimension Fields Definitions Definitions for dimension fields.

    When the data mart takes a snapshot of the base table, the fields that are saved are the Primary field and the additional fields in the Additional Dimension Fields related lists.