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Populate dimension tables

Populate dimension tables

If you create a table that is used as a segment, or if you activate another application with tables that are used as segments, you must populate the corresponding dimension table if you want to allocate expenses to records in the segment.

Before you begin

Role required: datamart_admin

About this task

You can also repopulate a dimension table to take a snapshot of the data from the underlying base table. If you do not populate dimension tables manually, the Populate IT Data Mart dimension tables scheduled job automatically takes a snapshot of the primary field and additional fields data from the dimension definition, and then populates dimension tables every 24 hours.
Note: Users with the datamart_admin role can populate dimension tables even if they do not have read access to records in the transaction table.


  1. Navigate to IT Data Mart > Dimensions.
  2. Select the dimension definition for the table you want to populate.
  3. Use the condition builder under Dimension condition to filter the records from the transactional table.
  4. Under Related Links, click Populate dimension table. The application creates a record in the dimension table for each record in the transactional table.