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Edit the fiscal calendar in the workbench

Edit the fiscal calendar in the workbench

You can modify the fiscal calendar that the application uses to assign both expenses and allocation lines to a specific fiscal period, such as Quarter 1, 2015, and so on.

Before you begin

Role required: financial_mgmt_admin

About this task

You can modify the start date of the fiscal year for your organization and choose the fiscal period unit only if there are no allocation lines or groomed expenses. If there are, you can reset the cost model to delete groomed expenses and delete the allocation lines.

Note: You can also modify the start and end dates of individual fiscal period records outside of the workbench. See Fiscal Calendar for more information.


  1. On the workbench, click the Configuration tab.
  2. In the Fiscal Calendar section, click the edit icon (The edit icon).
  3. Select the day and month from the Fiscal Year Start Day/Month choice list.
  4. Select the fiscal period unit: month or quarter.
  5. Click Save Changes.