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Assign expenses to several accounts

Assign expenses to several accounts

During the Allocation Setup stage in the workbench, you can assign expenses from buckets to several accounts in the hierarchy at one time.

Before you begin

Role required: financial_analyst or financial_mgmt_admin


  1. Drag a bucket to the segment header to assign expenses to all accounts in the segment, or type text into the segment header to filter the accounts you want to assign expenses to.
    Alternatively, click the allocation icon (The allocation icon) next to the bucket that contains the expenses you want to assign and do the following:
    1. Under Allocate Method, select Allocate to Account.
    2. Under Allocate to Segment, select a segment.
    3. Leave the Allocate to Account set to All Accounts.
    4. Click Go.

    The Create Allocation Rule window appears, showing you a summary of the allocation. If you filtered the segment by typing keywords into the segment header's search field, only the accounts that appear can be assigned expenses.

  2. Click Create.
    Figure 1. Creating an allocation rule
    Creating an allocation rule