Tables installed with Financial Management

Financial Management adds the following tables.

Table Description
Account code [itfm_budget_key] The account codes that the budget definition generates.
Account Code Expense [itfm_gl_actuals] Aggregation of expenses grouped by Account Code.
Account Code Owner [itfm_budget_key_owner] Owners of account codes.
Bucket [itfm_bucket] Buckets used in the allocation workbench to group similar expenses.
Bucket Allocation Account [itfm_bucket_allocation_account] A reference link between buckets, accounts, and cost models.
Budget [itfm_budget] Final budgets.
Budget Asset Depreciation [itfm_bi_asset] Budget items of type Asset Depreciation.
Budget Contract [itfm_bi_contract] Budget items of type Contract.
Budget Definition [itfm_budget_definition] The segments that make up the budget definition.
Budget External Labor [itfm_budget_external_labor] Budget items of type External Labor.
Budget Forecast [itfm_budget_forecast] All budget forecasts.
Budget Forecast Breakdown [itfm_bf_breakdown] Breakdowns of budget costs for a given budget item on the budget forecast.
Budget Forecast Items [itfm_bf_item] All items on the budget forecast.
Budget Hardware [itfm_budget_hardware] Budget items of type Hardware.
Budget Item [itfm_budget_item] All budget items.
Budget Item Breakdown [itfm_bi_breakdown] Breakdowns of budget costs for a given budget item.
Budget Labor [itfm_bi_labor] Budget items of type Labor.
Budget Override Categories [itfm_budget_override_categories] Categories that you use to classify budget overrides.
Budget Owner [itfm_budget_owner] Owners of budgets.
Budget Plan [itfm_budget_plan] All budget plans.
Budget Reference Rate Configuration [itfm_fx_config] Exchange rate / fiscal period relationships.
Budget Reference Rates [itfm_fx_rate] The exchange rates that budgets use.
Budget Software [itfm_bi_software] Budget items of type Software.
Budget Targets [itfm_budget_target] All budget target values.
Business Unit [business_unit] All business units.
Cleansing Condition [itfm_cleansing_condition] Conditions that the application automatically generates when you cleans data in the workbench.
Cost Allocation [itfm_cost_allocation] All allocation lines that are processed from allocations.
Cost Allocation Group [itfm_cost_allocation_group] Groups that can be associated with allocations.
Cost Allocation Method [itfm_cost_allocation_method] Cost allocation methods that are used by allocation rules.
Cost Allocation Metric [itfm_cost_allocation_metric] Metrics that weighted and custom allocation methods use.
Cost Allocation Rollup [itfm_rollup] Rollups that the application creates when you use the workbench.
Cost Allocation Rollup Override [itfm_rollup_override] Values that you can use to override allocation rollups.
Cost Allocation Runs Log [itfm_ca_run_log] A log of all allocations that have been run.
Cost Allocation Segment Map [itfm_ca_segment_map] Segments specified in the hierarchy of segments.
Cost Allocation Transactional [itfm_cost_allocation_txn] The allocation table that also stores reference allocations. Enable this feature from the Configuration tab of the workbench.
Cost Model [itfm_cost_model] Cost models used by the workbench.
Dimension Bucket [dm_table_itfm_bucket] A dimension table for buckets.
Dimension Business Service [dm_table_cmdb_ci_service] A dimension table for business services.
Dimension Business Unit [dm_table_business_unit] A dimension table for business units.
Dimension Cost Center [dm_table_cmn_cost_center] A dimension table for cost centers.
Dimension Department [dm_table_cmn_department] A dimension table for departments.
Dimension IT Shared Service [dm_table_itfm_shared_service] A dimension table for shared services.
Dimension Location [dm_table_cmn_location] A dimension table for locations.
Dimension Portfolio [dm_table_pm_portfolio] A dimension table for portfolios.
Dimension Project [dm_table_pm_project] A dimension table for projects.
Dimension Server [dm_table_cmdb_ci_server] A dimension table for servers.
Dimension Vendor [dm_table_core_company] A dimension table for vendors.
Dimension Weight Map [dm_table_itfm_weight_map] A dimension table weight maps.
FM report [itfm_report] Finance reports.
General Ledger Accounts Accounts and associated account numbers.
General Ledger Cleansed Data [itfm_gl_data_cleansed] Expenses in the general ledger that is cleansed.
General Ledger Staged Data [itfm_gl_data_staged] Imported expenses that have not been cleansed or groomed.
Groomed General Ledger Data [itfm_gl_data_groomed] Expenses in the general ledger that have been groomed.
Grooming Condition [itfm_grooming_condition] Conditions that the application creates during the financial grooming process in the workbench.
IT Shared Service [itfm_shared_service] Services shared across the IT infrastructure.
IT Shared Service Type [itfm_shared_service_type] Categories that are associated with IT shared services.
ITCOA Definition [itfm_itcoa_definition] Segments defined in the IT Chart of Accounts.
ITFM Session [itfm_session] Saves session information for the workbench.
Main Report Configuration [itfm_ca_main_config] Configuration settings for the main Financial Management report.
Segment Relationship [itfm_itcoa_hierarchy] Relationships between segments in the segment hierarchy as defined in the Data Definition stage of the workbench.
Weight Maps [itfm_weight_map] Weight relationships that the application uses to calculate weighted metrics.
The application also uses this table created by the Fiscal Calendar.
Table 1. Tables for the fiscal calendar
Table Description
Fiscal period [fiscal_period] Fiscal calendars and the periods used by fiscal calendars.
The application also provides these tables created by the Data Mart.
Table 2. Tables for the Data Mart
Table Description
DataMart dimension [dm_dimension] Dimension records copied from transactional tables for each segment in the IT chart of accounts.
DataMart fact [dm_fact] Facts in the data mart.
Dimension Fields Definition [dm_field_def] Definitions for dimensions.
Dimension Last Run [dm_dimension_last_run] The number of records created or updated in a dimension table when it is repopulated by the data mart administrator.
Dimension Table Definition [dm_dimension_table_def] Dimension definitions that relate a dimension table to a transaction table.
Fact Definition [dm_fact_table_def] Definitions for facts.