Allocation APIs

The Cost Allocation Method API in the FinancialMethodUtils script include allows you to create allocation methods. Use these methods for customizing cost allocation methods.

Table 1. Allocation APIs
Method Summary Description
createMethod(itcoa_segments, primary_segment, amount, amount_type, order) Creates an allocation method with the specified values for the segments, the amount, and the amount type. The primary segment and any of the fields for the segments in the IT chart of accounts which correspond to the primary segment must contain a value. Values for other segments are optional.
createPercentageMethod(itcoa_segments, primary_segment, percentage) Creates an allocation method with the specified values for the segments and the percentage for the allocation amount. The percentage should be greater than 0.
getDimensionTableFromTransactionTable(transaction_table) Retrieves dimension table for the corresponding transaction table.
getDimension(dimension_table, sys_id) Retrieves dimension value for the specified sys_id in a transaction table. Returns null if the value does not exist.
createDynamicMethod(dm_table, object_id, amount) Creates an allocation method given a dimension table, the object ID and the amount to allocate. Use this method if you do not know which segment to allocate to in a script.