Certify an element

The Certification Task form contains a list of all elements to be certified.

About this task

Note: After you certify all the elements in a task, no elements can be reverted.


  1. Navigate to Data Certification > Tasks > My Tasks.
  2. Open a certification task with a State of Work in Progress.
  3. In the upper right corner of the list, select whether to show only records that still need to be certified for this task or all records that are part of this certification task.
    Certification list 3
  4. Select the check box beside a certification element.
  5. In Optional comment for checked elements, above the list, enter information that would be useful to others.
    Certification list
  6. Do one of the following:
    • Click the green check mark to certify the element.
    • Click the red exclamation point to fail the element.
  7. To see the certified or failed element, set the view to Show All Records.

    A green check mark or red exclamation mark appears beside the element.

  8. Point to an icon to see any certification comments.
    Certification list complete
  9. Ensure that all elements have the correct certification, either accepted or rejected.

    After you certify all elements, no elements can be reverted. When all elements of a certification task are certified or rejected, the task State changes to Closed Complete.