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Delete a certification template

Delete a certification template

Certification templates can be deleted.

About this task

Only users with the certification_admin or admin role can delete template versions. You cannot delete a template version that is being used for an audit.


  1. To delete a single template version, open that version record and click Delete.

    The system hides the Delete button for templates that are in use. If you delete the latest, active version of a template, the previous version of that template is reset to Active.

  2. To delete all unused and inactive versions of a template, open any version of that template and click Delete inactive versions under Related Links. This control appears on all versions, whether or not they are used in a audit.
    Template delete
  3. When prompted, click OK to proceed.
    The system deletes only template versions that are not used in an audit. All protected versions are named in a message that appears in the header bar.
    Used template delete