Architecture Compliance Overview module

The Architecture Compliance Overview module displays various architecture compliance reports as gauges. The Overview module is a type of homepage.

Only compliance users with certain roles can access the Overview module. The different levels of access are:

Table 1. Access levels per role
Role Acess

View (view overview page and refresh gauges)

  • View (view overview page and refresh gauges )
  • Customize (refresh, add, delete, and rearrange gauges)
View, customize
  • View (view overview page and refresh gauges)
  • Customize (refresh, add, delete, and rearrange gauges)
  • Edit (can edit gauges)

Using the Architecture Compliance Overview Module

To use the Architecture Compliance Overview module, navigate to Compliance > Architecture Compliance > Overview and click elements within the gauges to obtain more information.

The available gauges are:
Table 2. Architecture Compliance Overview Module Gauges
Gauge Description Table
30/60/90 Day Task Aging All outstanding follow-on tasks grouped by age in 30 day increments Certification Task
Architecture Compliance Discrepancies All audited attribute discrepancies Audit Results
Hierarchical Task Roll Up All follow-on tasks grouped by Assigned to user Follow On Task
Outstanding Architecture Compliance Tasks All follow-on tasks in the Pending, Open, or Work in Progress state Follow On Task
Upcoming Architecture Compliance Audits All scheduled audits Audit
Figure 1. Architecture Compliance Module