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Certification filters

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Certification filters

A certification filter creates a subset of ServiceNow records to audit, typically from configuration items (CI) of a certain type, such as all UNIX servers in a specific datacenter.

However, you can define a filter for any ServiceNow table by using any set of system-supported conditions. Records identified by a filter are then audited by the system for expected attributes or relationships, depending on the audit type.

You can create multiple versions of a filter, reactivate inactive versions, and select the version you want to use in a template or a certification schedule. Only the active versions of a filter are available for selection in template records. You can use a single filter for multiple certification templates or schedules.

Table 1. Certification filters
Filter Description
Data Certification Validates CMDB data.
Architecture Compliance Manages reviews of CMDB data in architecture compliance audits to determine which configuration items (CIs) match expected attributes.
Desired State Manages reviews of CMDB data to determine which CIs match a desired state for both attributes and relationships.
Compliance Manages reviews of records from any ServiceNow table to determine which records match an expected set of attributes and related record conditions.
IT Governance Risk and Compliance Generates audits and tests to ensure that controls are being followed and creates tasks to track corrective actions.