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Use the HR knowledge base

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Use the HR knowledge base

When you have a question about the organization's policies or benefits, search the HR knowledge base before submitting an HR request.

About this task

On the HRSM Portal, you can enter search text and see matching articles as you type. If an article answers your question, you do not need to submit an HR request.


  1. Navigate to Self-Service > HR Portal
  2. In the HR knowledge base search box, enter your search text and do one of the following:
    Open an article that appears below the search box Click the article name.
    Open the HR knowledge base advance search Click Advanced search at the top of the list.

    You can also click HR knowledge articles under Get Help.

  3. To complete the advanced search, enter text above the list of articles and press the Enter key.
    Matching articles are listed, and a filter appears on the left to let you refine search results by knowledge bases, categories, or authors.
  4. To refine the search, check the box for a filter.
    The list refreshes with the narrowed search results.
  5. Click the article to read.

What to do next

When you access knowledge base articles, it is a good practice to rate and review the information presented, especially if information is missing or out-of-date. Your organization may choose not to show rating and comment fields, but if they appear in the article, take the time to rate it. This helps ensure that information stays current and useful to others.