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Request tuition reimbursement

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Request tuition reimbursement

If your organization reimburses the tuition you paid for courses that support your role, a tuition reimbursement request form is available from the HR Portal or HR Catalog.

About this task

When you submit the request, you must attach required documentation to the case. Typically this is your payment receipt and final grade. You must also enter a justification describing how the course supports your role in the organization.


  1. Navigate to Self-Service > HR Portal.
  2. Under GET HELP, select Make a request.
  3. Select Tuition.
  4. Enter a short description and the justification for taking the course.
  5. Enter the course details and amount of the reimbursement you are requesting.
  6. If you have digital copies of your payment receipt and final grade, drag and drop the documents from your file browser into the form.
    The documents appear at the top of the form. You can view them, or click Manage Attachments to remove them if necessary.
  7. Click Submit.
    The case is created with two tasks: one for the HR agent to review the documents, and one for a payroll agent to process the reimbursement. The list of HR requests you opened appears, and messages at the top tell you who the HR request and tasks are assigned to.

What to do next

If you did not attach the required documents, you can attach them to the HR request when you are ready. Open the HR request, and drag and drop the documents from your file browser, or click the attachment icon to navigate to the document location and select them.