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Process a tuition payment

Process a tuition payment

After a tuition reimbursement request has been reviewed and approved, you are notified that the task to process the reimbursement payment is ready to work on.

Before you begin

Role required: hr_agent or hr_task_writer

About this task

When the tuition reimbursement request was submitted, an HR task was created to process the payment. The HR agent who reviews the documents enters a comment in the HR task for payroll, and you receive email notification with a link to the task.


  1. Click the link in the email notification to open the HR task.
    You can also navigate to Human Resources > HR Tasks > Assigned to me.
  2. Click Start work.
  3. Complete the process in the payroll system to reimburse the employee.
  4. In the HR task, click Close Complete, enter a note regarding the reimbursement, and click OK.


When this task is closed, an email notification is sent to the HR agent assigned to the tuition reimbursement case. The HR agent can review the information and close the HR case.