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Evaluate HR survey responses

Evaluate HR survey responses

After you have collected responses to an HR survey, you can review the survey responses and scorecard.

Before you begin

Role required: admin, hr_manager, or hr_admin

About this task

A scorecard displays charts for survey results, in which category and question responses are analyzed and current ratings are compared with previous ratings. Users can examine ratings over time, compare question ratings, or compare the ratings of all categories. All ratings are averages for the time range selected. The system dynamically updates a scorecard each time you view it, so the ratings reflect recently completed surveys.


  1. Navigate to Human Resources > Surveys > HR Surveys.
  2. Click the survey to evaluate responses.
  3. To review individual responses to each question, click the View Responses related link and perform any of the following tasks.
    See individual responses for a metric (question) Expand the metric group in the Metric Results list.
    View responses based on when the survey was taken Personalize the Metric Results list to include the Created column, and add a filter using the condition builder. For example, to see all responses since the beginning of the month, add this condition: [Created] [at or after] [<select date>]
    If the survey was not submitted anonymously, you can see how users answered and follow up if necessary.
  4. To review the survey scorecard, click the View Scorecard related link and perform any of the following tasks.
    Display a different view for the scorecard Select the view from the left choice list above the chart.
    The scorecard contains a header that displays the name of the survey and a section that displays results or compares the ratings. The scorecard presents results in the following views:
    • Category Results
    • Question Results
    • Average Ratings
    • History
    Save a chart as an image Click the menu icon and select the type of image file. After the file is generated, click Download. The file is downloaded to the browser's download folder.

What to do next

For more information, see Survey designer