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Modify an HR task template

Modify an HR task template

HR task templates are created automatically when you add tasks to an HR case template. HR task templates allow you to define assignment rules for the HR tasks.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or model_manager

About this task

Several HR task templates are predefined. Or, you can create HR case templates with associated HR tasks.


  1. Navigate to Human Resources > Catalog & Templates > Human Resources Templates.
    The Product Models list opens and displays both HR case and HR task templates. Look at the Model categories field to determine whether you are opening an HR case or HR task template.
  2. Open an HR task template to modify.
  3. Edit the fields as needed.
    Table 1. HR task template fields
    Field Description
    Display name Read-only field that is populated from the Name field when the template is saved.
    Name Unique and descriptive name for this template.
    Checklist template An informal list of questions or tasks used as a reminder for the HR agent working on this task.
    Short description Content that is copied into the Short description field of an HR task when this template is used.
    Description Information about this HR task template.
    Task template A task template to use as a starting point for this template.
  4. To assign this HR task template to other HR case templates, complete the following steps.
    1. In the Task Model related list, click Edit.
    2. Double-click an HR case template in the Collection list to move it to the Task Model List.
    3. Click Save.
  5. Click Update.