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Customized profile information

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Customized profile information

As part of designing the organization's HR processes, you can customize the way HR profile information is processed. Keep in mind that certain fields are synchronized between HR profile and user records.

If you have the hr_admin role you can customize HR profile information.

Extend profile information
You can collect additional profile information in a separate table. For example, you can create a Dependents table that extends the HR Profile [hr_profile] table.

Because profile information is sensitive and confidential, it is secured from being viewed by the system administrator. For more information, see HR profile security.

Associate profiles with user records
An employee's HR profile record must be associated with the employee's record in the User [sys_user] table, to ensure that both employee records can be accessed conveniently, and to synchronize shared information. During the creation of an HR profile record, you can select the user record to associate with the profile.

With the default employee onboarding process, this association occurs automatically when an onboarding record is created and approved. As a general practice, retain automatic association for onboarding processes you design.

Synchronize profile and user information
When the user and HR profiles are associated, an update to either the HR profile or the user record updates the corresponding field in the other record automatically.

For example, if an employee's last name changes because of marriage, and an HR manager updates that information in the employee's HR profile record, this change is also applied to the equivalent field in the employee's user record. If you extend the tables and add fields that contain the same information to both tables, ensure that the new field names and types in both tables are identical to enable this synchronization.

Note: For most synchronized fields, matching is done against the field names within the relevant tables, not against the field labels displayed on the forms. Other fields are synchronized using the business rule.

The following fields are synchronized automatically between the HR profile and user records by matching the field names.

  • Prefix [introduction]
  • First name [first_name]
  • Middle name [middle_name]
  • Last name [last_name]
  • Manager [manager]
  • Department [department]
  • Location [location]
  • Home phone [home_phone]

The following table describes the other fields that are synchronized by the Synchronize fields to hr_profile and Synchronize fields to sys_user business rules.

Table 1. Fields synchronized using the business rule
HR profile [hr_profile] field User [sys_user] field Notes
Position [position] Title [title] Position in the HR profile is a referenced field. If the title is updated in the User form and a position record with the same value does not exist, the user sees a message that the HR profile could not be updated.
Home address [address] Street [street]
Country [country] Country code [country] Although the field names are the same, these fields are of different types. In the HR profile, [country] is a reference field. In the user record, [country] is a choice list. If the country that is selected in the HR profile is not in the choice list, the country code is displayed in the User form instead of the country name.
Work email [work_email] Email [email] The HR profile contains both personal and work email fields, while the user record only contains the work email.
Work phone [work_phone]

Work mobile [work_mobile]

Business phone [phone]

Mobile phone [mobile_phone]

The HR profile contains a personal mobile number field as well as the work mobile phone. The user record only contains one mobile phone number field.
Note: The User form must be configured to show address, country, email, work phone, and mobile phone fields.