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Employee Onboarding HR Workflow

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Employee Onboarding HR Workflow

Review detailed overview of the predefined HR automated process for employee onboarding to ensure it meets the needs of your organization. You may need to customize the onboarding workflow or design a new workflow.

To design a new workflow or customize a predefined workflow, you typically work with someone in your organization who has experience with workflow design and customization.

The onboarding process begins when an HR manager submits an onboarding request from the HR catalog or HR portal, which enters an HR case.

The system first checks for an existing HR profile based on the first name, last name, and personal email address of the person being onboarded. For example, an existing HR profile might exist if the person is a previous employee. If a matching HR profile is found, the system adds relevant information to the profile and updates the employment status. If an existing HR profile does not exist, then an HR profile record is created for the new employee. The record is populated with the personal information entered in the catalog form.

HR profiles are created before the approval flow is triggered, to enable the recording of confidential comments and work notes in the secure HR profile record. This allows sensitive information to be captured at an early stage.
Note: If the onboarding request is created from the Create New Case form, the user must begin by selecting the Employee onboarding template. The Opened for field is not required, and the user can click Create Profile, complete the information, and then submit the HR case.
After the request is submitted, the Employee Onboarding HR Workflow sends an email to approvers to request approval to onboard the new employee.
Note: Your instance must be configured to email approvers with a notification that an approval needs their attention.
When an onboarding request is approved, the following actions occur.
  1. A new user record [sys_user] is created for the employee and populated with the information entered in the HR profile.
  2. The user record is linked to the HR case, and the user's name appears in the Opened for field in the HR case.
  3. The state of the HR case is set to Work in Progress.
  4. The hr_case.approved fulfillment event occurs. This launches the following subflows and order guide.
    • An HR tasks workflow to generate tasks for the HR team to perform.
      • New employee payroll set up
      • New employee background checks
      • New employee anti-corruption policy acceptance
      • New employee benefits set up
      • New employee training requirements
    • An IT tasks workflow, triggered by the IT Employee Onboarding Action script action, runs an order guide using the Scriptable Order Guide activity to generate a service catalog request for requested items to be fulfilled by the IT team.
      • The order guide uses rules to specify which items are requested based on questions answered on the onboarding request. These answers populate variable values, and determine which requested items the order guide generates. For example, all employees receive an email account, but only some employees receive a laptop. The questions are Employment type, Department, and Location type. For example, if the employee is a permanent employee, office-based, and working in development, the order guide generates the following requested items.
        • Email account
        • Dreamweaver
        • Office desktop
        • BlackBerry Z10
      • The Requested for field is set to the new employee.
      • An approval request for the service catalog items is generated and a notification is sent to the IT approver.
      • After approval is received, the service catalog request is set to Approved and the requested item state is set to Open.
  5. On the day before the employment start date, a welcome email is sent to the new employee's manager. To introduce the new employee, the manager can modify and send this email to the team.
  6. When all generated HR tasks and requested items are completed, the following actions take place.
    • The new employee's HR profile and HR case are updated to set the employment status to Employed.
    • The HR case is closed.
      Note: The HR case cannot be closed if any HR tasks or requests are not completed.
If the onboarding request is rejected, the following actions occur.
  1. The HR case is closed, and the HR profile is set to Inactive.
  2. A work note is added to the HR profile to note the rejection.
  3. An appropriate notification is sent to the creator of the onboarding record.
  4. The onboarding process terminates.