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HR skills management

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HR skills management

Your organization can define HR skills to establish the qualifications of HR staff. Skills can be included in the auto-assignment process used to assign HR agents to HR cases and tasks.

Some HR skills are predefined, and you can create as many other skills as you need. You can assign skills to users or groups. When you assign a skill to a group, the skill is assigned to every group member.

Skills can contain other skills. For example, you may have an HR Policies skill that contains Travel & Expense and Corporate Policies skills.

You can create skills from the Manage HR Skills module in Human Resources or from the Skills application. However, you must use the Skills application to define the skill hierarchy.

Skills and auto-assignment of HR cases and tasks

In the Configuration module for Human Resources, the Auto-selection of agents for tasks requires them to have skills option determines whether the organization is including skills in the auto-assignment of HR cases and tasks. If this option is set to some or all, then it is important to ensure that the proper skills are defined and assigned to HR staff.

You then assign the necessary skills to the HR case and task templates that are used to create HR cases. For example, an HR task template for submitting a travel & expense policy question is assigned the HR Policies and Travel & Expense skills. When the template is used to submit an HR case, the auto-assignment process finds an HR agent with one or both of these skills, depending on the configuration setting.