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HR profile security

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HR profile security

Because HR profile information is sensitive and confidential, it is secured from being viewed by the system administrator.

In the system, system administrators with the admin role are able to perform all tasks and view all data. However, HR profile information is confidential and should be viewed only by authorized HR personnel who are assigned a role that includes hr_profile_reader or hr_profile_writer, such as hr_agent.

Therefore, access to specific HR profile data is restricted from view by users with the admin role. This restriction includes the Description field of HR cases and HR tasks, as the field often contains HR profile information when a request is submitted through the HR Portal.

HR profile information that system administrators can access

System administrators cannot create a new HR profile. They can see the list of HR profiles and open HR profile records, but have access only to the following information.
  • The HR profile number and employee's prefix.
  • Employment information that is synchronized with the user record [sys_user]. This includes name, employee number, department, manager, and location.
  • Work contact information, such as work email address and work phone number. Personal information is hidden.
  • Comments. Work notes are hidden.
  • Information that appears in the following related lists.
    • Emergency Contacts
    • Employment History
    • Direct Reports
    • Colleagues
    • Cases

Impersonating a user

If the system administrator impersonates a user, even if the impersonated user has an HR role that allows access to the HR profile, the system administrator is restricted from viewing HR profile information. The following constraints are applied when a user is impersonated.
  • If the impersonated user has HR profile access, the HR profile list displays a message that the records are removed based on security constraints. No HR profile records are listed.
  • For any impersonated user, the My HR profile link from the HRSM Portal displays no profile information. It displays only information in the related lists described above.