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Run the GRC vendor audit

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Run the GRC vendor audit

After creating the audit definition, you are ready to run the audit.

  1. Navigate to GRC > Administration > Control Test Definitions.
  2. Select the All vendors have an NDA (template) record.
  3. Click Execute Now.
    The Control Test Definitions list appears.
  4. Reopen the same record.
  5. In the Control Test Instances related list, open the test instance you just created.
  6. Scroll down to the Supporting Data section.
    Supporting data for a GRC non-disclosure agreement audit

    The in scope records for this audit of the Company [core_company] table were the 78 companies in the demo data defined as vendors. Of these 78, the audit returned 77 that did not match the template conditions.

    Three of these 77 vendors did have an NDA contract, but the contracts were inactive, making them non-matching. ServiceNow matched the template conditions with only one active NDA contract that was not retrieved in the audit. Had you selected Matching in the Configuration to retrieve field of the control test definition, the support data would have shown only one matching vendor.

    Matching vendors for GRC non-disclosure agreements