Phone installation and configuration

Before the phone communication channel between customer service agents and external customers can be used, the Notify, CTI Softphone, Customer Service, and OpenFrame plugins must be activated and configured and a Twilio Voice account needs to be set up.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Activate the Notify plugin (com.snc.notify).
  2. Set up a Twilio Voice account.
    You can create an account at
  3. Configure Notify to use the Twilio Voice service.
  4. Activate the CTI Softphone plugin (com.snc.cti).
    If you want to load the demo data for CTI Softphone, you must also activate the Customer Service CTI Demo Data plugin (com.snc.customerservice_cti_demo). This demo data includes sample workflows.
  5. Activate the Customer Service plugin (com.sn_customerservice) plugin.
  6. Activate the Openframe plugin (com.sn_openframe).
  7. Create an OpenFrame configuration or use the default CTI configuration by enabling the Default field.