Customer portal header

The header on the customer portal home page includes several useful customer links.

Table 1. Customer Portal Header
Item Description
Home icon (Home icon) Click this icon to display the customer portal home page. From this page, the customer can create a new case or view a list of current cases. This page also includes links to the Community, the Knowledge Base, and Customer Support.
Create Case Opens a Create Case form.
My Cases Opens a list of cases belonging to the current user.
For users with the sn_customerservice.customer or sn_customerservice.customer_admin roles, this list includes the following columns:
  • Case
  • Product
  • Priority
  • State
  • Updated
For external users with the sn_customerservice.partner or sn_customerservice.partner_admin roles, the Account column is also displayed.
My Assets Opens a list of assets belonging to the current user's account.
Manage Users Opens a list of contacts belonging to the current user's account. This item is available in the header with the sn_customerservice.customer_admin and sn_customerservice.partner_admin roles.
[Current user name] Redirects to the contact information for the current user.
Logout Logs out the current user.