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Question and settings navigator

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Question and settings navigator

The left side of the service design interface provides several tabs allowing you to add questions, set question properties, and configure fulfillment and mobile settings for the service.

Table 1. Tabs
Tab Description
Question Types

The Types tab provides a list of question types you can add to the service. These may include generic types that you can use to create custom questions, or preconfigured, commonly-used questions defined by an administrator. Each preconfigured question may be added to a particular service only once. Generic types may be added multiple times.

For example, a tuition reimbursement service might ask the requesting user for the name of the course using a generic Single Line Text question, or for the employee that completed the course using a preconfigured reference to the User [sys_user] table.

Question Properties The Properties tab allows you to configure the details of a question, such as the Label that appears as the question text, and default values. The properties displayed depend on the question type. For example, for a multiple choice question you can define the question text, the list of available choices, and the default choice.
Fulfillment Allows you to configure catalog availability for the service and default assignment rules for service requests.
Mobile Allows you to configure the availability and appearance of the catalog item for mobile devices.
Table 2. Fulfillment settings
Field Description
Target Category The service catalog category this service should appear under. A service may appear in more than one service catalog category. Selecting a category causes a new Target Category field to appear. The service catalog categories the service appears in do not necessarily match the name of the service category.
Target Table [Read-only] The table this service creates records on, as determined by the service category the service belongs to.
Fulfillment Group The group assigned to complete tasks associated with this service. The assignment can be changed manually for individual tasks as needed.
Fulfillment User The user assigned to complete tasks associated with this service. The assignment can be changed manually for individual tasks as needed.
Table 3. Mobile settings
Field Description
Availability The platforms where this service can be requested. Choose from Desktop and Mobile, Desktop Only, or Mobile Only.
Mobile Image The image to display when a user views the associated catalog item in the mobile interface. This field appears when the Availability setting is Desktop and Mobile or Mobile Only. Allowed file types depend on your instance configuration.